Presenter Information

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated in Tutor/Mentor Conferences held between May 1994 and May 2015. The Conference is on hold until funding and partners can be found:

  •  Submit a workshop proposal  using this online form.
  •  OR print this Presenter Interest form and mail to Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC
    c/o Dan Bassill, Merchandise Mart PO Box 3303, Chicago, Il. 60654

Questions?  Contact us.

One goal of the conference is to share strategies for building public awareness and drawing needed resources to volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs in all parts of the city. This graphic is one of many you'll find in Tutor/Mentor blog articles, illustrating this goal. If you can organize a workshop, or panel discussion, drawing leaders from different sectors, to discuss ways to help draw more consistent attention, volunteers and operating dollars to programs, please submit a proposal.

A second goal is to share strategies for building and sustaining effective programs. 
View the information below to see the types of workshops or panel discussions that could be offered.

Speakers interested in volunteering to present workshops at the conference should keep in mind:

  • Workshops should focus on ways volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs can improve quality, build capacity and succeed for the long-term.
  • Topics include volunteer recruitment and training, learning strategies for adolescents and teens, fundraising, evaluation and management activities. See our list of suggested workshop topics that have been requested by participants at previous Conferences.
  • Workshops also can showcase learning activities that could be duplicated in multiple programs. Read more.
  • Speakers are encouraged to stay for the entire day of the conference. They are not charged a registration fee.
  • Please give us your feedback about the conference using this survey.
If this opportunity interests you, we would like to invite you to present a workshop.  If you are not sure, please contact us so we can discuss these expectations.  The conference is a grassroots effort, and the work speakers do to attract participants helps us to draw the broadest audience possible.

Sponsored Workshops for Vendors
If you are a for-profit education service provider and want to present a workshop at a future conference, we invite you to present a Sponsored Workshop. These are workshops presented by people who have specific expertise and have products or services to sell.

The sponsored workshop requires a $500 sponsor fee, which includes an ad in the Conference program book.  Please fill out a Presenter Interest form to  submit a workshop proposal for consideration.  

Still have questions?  Contact us to get more information about this opportunity.