Conference Maps:
43 conferences have been held in Chicago since May 1994.
What Other Organization in Chicago has brought so many people together,
for so many years? Limited resources have kept conference participation
under 80 for past two years.  Yet as many as 350 have attended these conferences
in past years.


View this analysis of conference participation, done by students participating in Indiana University visualization MOOC.
T/MC seeks research students who will continue this analysis. Our goal is to influence how others map participation
in their own conferences and events, while also seeking partners, or sponsors, to re-build this effort and continue the
conferences for another 20 years?

Look at maps showing participation in past Tutor/Mentor Leadership and networking conferences. 
Map of June 2013 Tutor/Mentor Conference - Click here
Map of November 2013 Conference -  click here

Map showing participation in November 2008 Tutor/Mentor Leadership & Networking Conference:
Zoom in to see organizations in Chicago. Zoom out to see out of state participants.



November 1998 Tutor/Mentor Leadership and Networking Conference Participation Map
Zoom in to see organizations in Chicago. Zoom out to see out of state participants.


Here is a list of other maps that are available

November 2012-13 Participant Map (add your own name, show your Facebook Page and web site.)
November 2009 Conference Map
May 2005 Conference Map
May 2004 Conference
November 1997 Conference

See also, Social Network Analysis Maps of 2008 and 2009 conferences.

Learn More about Tutor/Mentor Connection
Uses of maps
 This map is one of many created since 1994.
and learn more how maps can be used to illustrate the areas
of high poverty and poorly performing schools in Chicago where
volunteer based tutoring and/or mentoring programs are needed.

Use the interactive map on the Tutor/Mentor Program Locator
to view this information.

By comparing this map to the conference participation map we can see
that we're getting regular participation from programs in different parts of the city,
and that the lack of participation from the South part of the city is partially
due to the lack of tutor/mentor programs (that we know of) in this area. In future conferences we hope to draw people from business, hospitals, churches and
universities who will help existing programs grow, and help new programs
form where more are needed.

View more maps at