Advertiser/Display Table Form

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Yes, I would like to advertise in the November 4, 2013 Conference Program.

Please choose an ad size:

Full page (7.5" x 10") at $250
Half page (7.5" x 5") at $150
Quarter page (3.75" x 5") at $50
Eighth page (3.75" x 2.5") at $25

Ad copy and images must be emailed to one week prior to the November Conference for inclusion in the Conference Program. Advertising fees can be mailed to the address below. 

There will be a handout table, but no display tables at the November 4, 2013 Conference.

Choose one: not applicable for Nov. 4.

Non-profit (no cost)
For-profit ($250)

Display table fees can be mailed to the address below. Please make checks payable to Tutor/Mentor Connection, Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC

Please mail fees to:

Conference Advertising

Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC
Tutor/Mentor Connection
Merchandise Mart PO Box 3303
Chicago, IL 60654