Advertising/Sponsorship/Display Table Form

The conference has not been held since May 2015 due to lack of funds.  This form was used for people to express interest in becoming a sponsor, purchasing an ad or having a display table at the Conference   











Advertising Space in the Conference Program

Advertisers ONLY - Please choose an ad size:

______ Full page (7.5" x 10") at $250

______ Half page (7.5" x 5") at $150

______ Quarter page (3.75" x 5") at $50

______ Eighth page (3.75" x 2.5") at $25

Ad copy and images must be emailed to one week prior to the next Conference for inclusion in the Conference Program.  Advertising fees can be mailed to the address below.  

Become a Future Conference and Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC Sponsor

Show your support for 40 Tutor/Mentor Leadership and Networking Conferences since May 1993. Unless a sponsor steps forward at one of the levels shown below we will not be able to re-launch the conference. 

 Please choose a sponsorship level:

______ Honors Society - Event and Institute Sponsor $10,000

______ Executive Sponsor 41st conference on TBD at $5,000

Sponsor payments can be mailed to the address below.  Please make checks payable to Tutor/Mentor Connection, Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC.  Thank you!

May we quote you?

If you've been part of a past conference or used ideas on the Tutor/Mentor Connection web site to help build or sustain a program, please include a comment with your sponsor donation that we can post on the conference web site.

Please mail or fax to Daniel Bassill at:

Tutor/Mentor Connection
Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC
Merchandise Mart PO Box 3303
Chicago, IL 60654

Fax 312-787-7713