Use the ideas and resources shared monthly to help youth in your zip code have opportunities to participate in well-organized, mentor-rich, non-school programs.

June - July 2018 - Issue 171
Expand Your PLN This Summer! What's a PLN?  A Personal Learning Network.
The ideas shared in this monthly newsletter can be used by youth organization leaders, resource providers, political leaders, universities, volunteers and youth to help mentor-rich programs thrive in all of the neighborhoods where they are most needed.
While I try to send this only once a month, I write blog articles weekly. In the sections below I post links to a few of the articles published in the past month or earlier.  I encourage you to spend a little time each week reading these articles and following the links. Use the ideas and presentations in group discussions with other people who are concerned about the same issues.

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Get to Know Youth Tutor, Mentor and Learning Programs in Your Community. Help Others Find Them
Use the summer months to visit web sites of youth programs. Get to know them. Find ways to help them.
See the graphic shown above in this article.
I've often used this graphic to visualize the on-going, year-round efforts, needed to build and sustain youth serving organizations that 
a) connect youth and volunteers;
b) maintain connections for multiple years; and
c) seek to expand network of adults helping youth through school and into adult lives
While most tutor, mentor and learning programs that work on a school year calendar are now celebrating the past year with dinners, parties and graduations, leaders in these programs should already be planning for the start of the next school year.  I'm already seeing student and volunteer recruitment messages from some programs, such as Tutoring Chicago.
In preparation for August/September 2018 volunteer and youth recruitment I ask your help in updating my list of non-school tutor and/or mentor programs so it can be used by parents, volunteers, donors, etc this fall. Read more.
I created the graphic at the right to visualize the constant innovation that is needed to help sustain the efforts of volunteer based organizations and keep youth and volunteers involved.
In this month's newsletter the following sections will focus on personal learning, by students, volunteers, staff, donors and others, that can support this journey. 
Connect with me on Twitter, Facebook and/or Linked in, and to draw from ideas I share on the Tutor/Mentor Blog, the Mapping for Justice blog, and the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC web site.
Summer Learning Activities
WRITE OUT: Place-Based Making with Writing Project Sites and the National Park Service is open to all. 
Learn about Write Out here.
The "write out" graphic crossed  my Twitter feed recently. It was posted by Kevin Hodgson, a middle school teacher from Western Massachusetts, who I've come to know over the past few years.  I follow Kevin and many others on Twitter and find the ideas they share valuable. That's why I share them here and in articles on the Tutor/Mentor blog.
Here's a concept map with links to groups like #clmooc on Twitter. I visit it regularly to do systematic reviews of what's been posted. Because I share this on-line, you can use it too. As you find sites you like, you and your students might create and share your own map. 
Using information like the links I share everyone can build their own PLN (Personal Learning Network).  Here's an article that you might read to understand this concept better.
The concept map that I show below is part of a collection of cMaps that I've created since 2005.  While many focus on education as the reason for youth tutor/mentor programs, I point to many other reasons why well-organized, non-school tutor, mentor and learning programs are needed in high poverty areas. If you spend time opening the links on this map and reading the articles you'll find many reasons to become involved in helping youth tutor, mentor and learning programs grow in every high poverty area of your community.

Here's some other articles that you might include in your summer learning:
* Using maps for understanding and serving areas of need - click here
* Workforce Development. Violence Prevention. Role of Business. - click here
* Helping Tutor/Mentor Programs Grow - Ideas to Share - click here
* Networked Creativity Focused on Local - Global Issues - click here

These are just a few of several hundred links that I point to from each section of the cMap shown above. Take time to click through and see what's available.

Scarcity of Resources Challenges Most Youth Tutor, Mentor and Learning Organizations. 
I repeat this message often. Raising kids takes 20 or more years. We need to find more creative ways to build and sustain funding for long-term organizations in more places.
See the graphic above in this article.
As non-profit leaders struggle to find resources they find little time, or motivation, to work with others to expand the size of the resource pie. That's what this graphic emphasizes. See it in a long article about building philanthropic support
This is one of many articles that I've written on this topic since 2006. Bookmark this link and read just one article a month. Use these to stimulate thinking about how non profits are supported in your family, business and civic networks.
One section of the Tutor/Mentor web library focuses on Fund Raising and Philanthropy. Within that are sub categories with articles showing challenges facing non profits. Here are a few articles you'll find.
* Nonprofit Finance Fund 2018 survey of challenges facing  NPOs - click here
* "The State of the Not-for-Profit Sector- 2018 report - click here
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Use the resources shared in this newsletter to connect and learn with others in Chicago and beyond.
* Our Equitable Future: A Roadmap for the Chicago Region - click here
* Healthy Chicago 2.0 and Chicago Health Atlas - click here
* Homework Help Resources in Tutor/Mentor Library - click here

* Training & Learning Resources for Volunteer Tutors and Mentors - click here
* Law, Justice, Race, Poverty, Inequality links - Tutor/Mentor Library - click here
* Political Organizing - Resource Links in Tutor/Mentor Library - click here

Upcoming Events and Other Resources
* Illinois Conference on Volunteer Administration, Aug. 15, 2018 - click here
* Strengthening Chicago Youth  blog - click here

* To&Through Project website. Find information showing progress of CPS freshmen to and through 4-year college. Find ways to help.  click here

* MENTOR Illinois resources for mentors page -click here
* Chicago City of Learning - click here
* Chicago Organizations in Intermediary Roles - click here

* Tutor/Mentor Blog article showing list of frequently used links - click here
* Strategy Presentations in Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC Library - click here
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