Use the ideas and resources shared monthly to help youth in your zip code have opportunities to participate in well-organized, mentor-rich, non-school programs.
July - Aug 2018 - Issue 172
School Starts Soon. Think of Ways You Can Support Local Youth Tutor, Mentor Orgs.
The ideas shared in this monthly newsletter can be used by youth organization leaders, resource providers, political leaders, universities, volunteers and youth to help mentor-rich programs thrive in all of the neighborhoods where they are most needed.

You don't go through college in one day, or read any of the religious texts, in one day. You can't open and read all the links in this newsletter in one day, either.  

But over a  month you might open most of the links, just to see what's there, and to share some with people in your network

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Summer Learning: Visit Web Sites of Local Youth Tutor, Mentor and Learning Programs in Your Community. Help Others Find Them
As we head toward September volunteer based tutor and mentor organizations are seeking volunteers. You can help them.
See the graphic shown above in this article.
I've used the graphic at the left since mid 1990s to visualize how people who want to help kids in their community can get to know information in the web library of the Tutor/Mentor Connection/Institute, LLC, then help others find and use the same information.


The library has four primary sections
a) directories you can search to find information about youth organizations in Chicago and other cities - see map
b) research that shows where volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs and support systems are most needed; why they are needed; challenges they face, etc. see map
c) resources leaders of youth organizations can use to recruit volunteers and donors and build constantly improving programs; see map
d) ideas and resources anyone can use to build collaborations, visualize, map and solve complex problems. see map
These four sections are part of a web library that has been growing since 1990s.  This blog article includes a list of links to sub sections of the library and to many other resources created over past 25 years.
In preparation for August/September 2018 volunteer and youth recruitment I ask your help in updating my list of non-school tutor and/or mentor programs so it can be used by parents, volunteers, donors, etc this fall. Read more.
Connect with me on Twitter, Facebook and/or Linked in, and to draw from ideas I share on the Tutor/Mentor Blog, the Mapping for Justice blog, and the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC web site.

After the March, Do the Planning
Anti-Violence Protest in Chicago Shuts Down Dan Ryan Expressway. What's Next? 
Since forming Tutor/Mentor Connection in 1993 I have followed negative news stories with map-stories that intend to focus attention, volunteers and donors to the neighborhoods where these stories take place.

After the July 2018 march in Chicago I wrote two articles that focused on the planning that needs to be taking place to mobilize and sustain a flow of resources into high poverty neighborhoods of Chicago. Read the articles:

Don't Drive by Poverty:   click here
After DanRyan March, Do the Planning: click here
These are two of 86 articles on the Tutor/Mentor blog that focus on planning. 158 articles focus on violence in Chicago, and use maps to focus on where tutor/mentor programs are most needed.  These are part of more than 1000 articles posted on that blog since 2005. Take time to read these then share with friends, family, co-workers and faith groups so others get involved.

Here's some other articles that you might include in your summer learning:
* Number of low-income youth in each Chicago community area - click here

* Visualizing Complex Problems. click here

* US Cities (and Chicago) doing poorly in meeting UN Sustainable Development Goals - click here
* Injustice in America - Bryan Stephenson talk in Chicago - click here

* Using maps in planning - articles on MappingforJustice blog - click here
New articles are added weekly to Tutor/Mentor Connection/Institute, LLC blogs. Spend time reading them and share with others. 
Building Flow of Needed Resources to Every Youth Program in Chicago
Until we find ways to change how non-school youth tutor, mentor and learning programs are funded there will always be too few programs in places where they are needed.  
See the graphic above in this article
This is one of many articles that I've written on the challenges of funding non-school programs since 2006. Bookmark this link and read just one article a month. Use these to stimulate thinking about how non profits are supported in your family, business and civic networks.
There's more.
One sub section of the Tutor/Mentor web library focuses on Fund Raising and Philanthropy. Within that are sub categories with articles showing challenges facing non profits. 

Here are a few articles related to network building, which is part of fund raising, too.
* Building Community Networks - understand use of Social Network Analysis - LISC Chicago report - click here
* Connecting with others using on-line annotation - see tutorial by NYC HIVE - click here
* Network-ing Does not mean Network-Weaving (article) - click here
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These Resources Are Available Throughout the Year. Share With Others. Expand the Network.
Once a youth and volunteer gather in a weekly meeting, what do they do? How do programs help relationships grow? Why not study issues that affect them, and young people like them throughout the world? Here's some links to look at.

* Climate Crisis. Environmental Racism - at the bottom of this article I keep adding new links. click here
* Understanding Digital Learning Inequality - click here
* Income inequality articles - click here
* Divided Nation - Rural vs Urban America - click here
* Understanding History of Race and Poverty in America - this is section of web library with links to many other web sites - click here

* Our Equitable Future: A Roadmap for the Chicago Region - click here
* Homework Help Resources in Tutor/Mentor Library - click here
* Political Organizing - concept map with links - click here

Upcoming Events and Other Resources
* Illinois Conference on Volunteer Administration, Aug. 15, 2018 - click here
* Strengthening Chicago Youth  blog - click here

* To&Through Project website. Find information showing progress of CPS freshmen to and through 4-year college. Find ways to help.  click here

* MENTOR Illinois resources for mentors page -click here
* Chicago City of Learning - click here
* Chicago Organizations in Intermediary Roles - click here

* Tutor/Mentor Blog article showing list of frequently used links - click here
* Strategy Presentations in Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC Library - click here
* Tutor/Mentor Concept Map library - click here
Dan Bassill (that's me) is available to discuss any of these ideas with you, or others, via Skype, Google Hangouts or in person if you're in Chicago.
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