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Recruitment and Support of Volunteers is Year-Round Effort.
 July 2014 - Issue #133
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Use Tutor/Mentor Connection on-line library. 


While you can use a search engine like Google and find information to help you build and sustain a volunteer-based tutor/mentor program, you can also use the T/MC library.

The library has aggregated and categorized more than 2000 links to information leaders, volunteers and donors can use to build a collective understanding of where and why tutor/mentor programs are needed, as well as ways to support them more consistently for a longer period of years.   

Many of these links focus on Chicago. If you're collecting similar information, focused on a different city, please share the link to your library and I'll add it.  If you'd like to submit a link to the library just register, log in, and use the "Add a New Link" feature to suggest a link. These are moderated and if approved, your link will be added to the site.

What's New in the Library?
Use the sort feature to see most recent entries to the library.

Information Categories in Library



Collaboration, Innovation & Process Improvement

Fund Raising and Philanthropy

Volunteer Recruitment portals and resources


Blogs by leading thinkers, consultants, tutor/mentor programs, etc.

Homework Help

Chicago area youth program links

Programs & Networks in other cities

Volunteer Training. Conferences


Law, Poverty, Prevention

Poverty and Crime Maps

Technology and "cool tech tools"  

Link to


There are many additional categories in the library. Spend some time browsing the sections and bookmark those you'd like to visit again. 





Illustrated PDF strategy essays in Tutor/Mentor library.
Click here


Visualizations of strategy in Tutor/Mentor Pinterest library 


Mapping for Justice blog, with examples of how GIS maps can be used.  Click here.

The ideas shared in this monthly newsletter can be used by resource providers, political leaders, non profit leaders, volunteers and youth to help mentor-rich programs thrive in all of the neighborhoods where they are most needed.

If the newsletter does not format correctly in your email, or if you want to see this newsletter graphics and maps click this link:   


Share this with others who want to help youth in your city. 


Building attention for tutor/mentor programs ... role of leaders


If your organization has thousands of dollars for advertising you  probably don't need any help to attract volunteers and donors. However, if you're like most smaller nonprofit youth serving organizations, building attention and attracting volunteers and donors is a huge challenge.     


That's why I highlight the efforts of leaders like Dan Cotter, who is the 2014-15 President of the Chicago Bar Association, and has been raising money for tutor/mentor programs in Chicago for more than 10 years.  I wrote about Dan's efforts, and showed how he is using social media, in this article.  


If people who are volunteers, Directors, donors and involved in other roles duplicate Dan's efforts thousands of messages every week might be encouraging volunteers and donors to support tutor/mentor programs in Chicago and other cities. 

When you encourage people to volunteer or donate, point to this page showing opportunities throughout Chicago, in addition to pointing to programs you may be directly involved with.  
Once You've Recruited a Volunteers, You Need to Provide On-Going Support
DanLeo In this section of the Tutor/Mentor Connection web library you can find links to tutor/mentor organizations around the country.

In this section you can find links to training that can be used to support tutors and mentors.

If your organization spends time browsing these web sites you can find many ideas that you can apply to support your own volunteers and youth. This is an on-going learning process.

While most organizations are spending September and October helping volunteers get started in their own programs, I've hosted a Tutor/Mentor Leadership and Networking Conference conference every November since 1994 to help programs connect and learn from each other. In addition, the I've used the attention generated by the conference to try to educate donors on the importance of tutor/mentor programs so that more would use year-end giving budgets to support tutor/mentor programs in different parts of Chicago.

The next conference will be held at the Metcalfe Federal Building in Chicago on Friday, November 7, 2014.  I am organizing workshops now and am interested in finding speakers who will talk about ways to train and support volunteers as well as activities that provide extra learning and motivation for youth to participate on a regular basis. Visit this page to learn about presenting a workshop or organizing a panel discussion.

See photo album from past conferences here 
See articles written by May 19, 2014 conference participants. 


Visit the Tutor/Mentor  Institute Video Channel  to see more ways to support the growth of youth tutoring,mentoring programs.. 


Use Map in Planning to Assure that Volunteer-Based Tutoring and/or Mentoring Programs Are in all places where such programs are needed.



This article from 1994 highlights areas of Chicago where kids live at risk.  Browse articles on this site and see that in 2014 kids are still at risk in these areas.


Visit the this section of the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC site to see how maps can be used to help build a distribution of resources to all of the areas with high poverty, poorly performing schools, and other indicators showing need for volunteer-based tutor, mentor and learning programs operating in non-school hours..


Below you can see a graphic showing four times a year
when our collective efforts can help build public greater awareness and draw needed resources directly to the different tutoring and/or mentoring programs operating in the Chicago region.


Quarterly eventsThis is an event cycle that repeats every year. You can read about this here.  Apply the thinking in this article to helping volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs grow in more places.


This is a strategy that is needed in every city with large pockets of concentrated poverty. If you already have a strategy in place, please connect with us in Chicago.



Illinois Conference on Volunteer Administration, August 14, 2014 at Metcalfe Federal Building in Chicago.  learn more

SmartForce Student Summit, Chicago,
Sept.  8-13, 2014
Learn about careers in manufacturing technology. Free to middle school, high school students. Learn more at this link.

Have event announcements? Share with me on Twitter.   


President's Message.  


What I'm Reading...


Writers in Chicago media have begun to use the names of high profile killings from the past to remind readers that the poverty at the root cause of the violence in Chicago is not new, but is complex and requires long term involvement from many people in the region, especially those who don't live in high poverty neighborhoods.

I included this graphic, which I created following a shooting in t he early 1990s, in this blog article.  If  you'd like to see a collection of map stories from the 1990s, you can purchase this archive for a small fee.

Thus, at this link, you'll see the graphic at the right.


Most of my blog articles include graphics that illustrate the long-term process of helping kids move through school and into jobs. 


Building New Adults

I've posted more than 100 graphics on Pinterest, with
links to blog articles showing how the graphic was used. For instance, this
graphic is included in this blog article.

My hope is that others will create their own graphics, or borrow mine, and create similar stories that mobilize volunteers and donors to support tutor/mentor programs.  If you search Google for "tutor mentor" then click on the images button, you will find this and many additional similar graphics. 

Here are a few articles that I encourage you to review:


Mapping Ideas, Networks, Relationships. See article.

Problem Solving, Systems Thinking, Hacking: Violence, Education, Jobs.
See article.  


Follow up to May 12, 2014 On the Table event organized by Chicago Community Trust.  See article.


White House Calls for Mentors. My Brothers Keeper. Read more


Strengthening the Field of Black Male Achievement. Read more.


Stanford Social Innovation Review- strategic philanthropy. Read more  


The next Tutor/Mentor Conference in Chicago will be Friday, Nov. 7, 2014.
Sponsor donations are needed to help organize and pay for the conferences, and cover part of the costs of maintaining the web library and mapping resources. Sponsor donations are now eligible for tax deduction. Read about Becoming We the People taking role of fiscal agent for tutor/mentor conference.  

There's a lot of information in this newsletter. I hope you'll save it, and refer to it often in the coming month. Thank you for reading. If you'd like to connect with me, just reach out via one of the social media links below.    





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