Advertisers Supporting Mission


June 2016 -- Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC will be happpy to include a link to your web site in the Tutor/Mentor  Connection web library, or on the Tutor/Mentor Conference web site, for an annual fee of $20. 

Advertisers will have their link shown on this page or on a similar page on other Tutor/Mentor Institute (TMI), LLC web sites.  The money raised through advertising helps pay for the work TMI does to collect and host information available on the sites.

Advertisers will be listed Alphabetically as received.  See details of advertising plan.  


Email to discuss your involvement in this program. We reserve the right to choose which advertisers we accept and do not accept any advertising that includes or links to adult content, political parties or candidates, or promotes products and services that we deem unhealthy to young people.

c/o Merchandise Mart PO Box 3303
Chicago, Il. 60654